Electric Genset
  • Economical product cost
  • Low diesel consumption
  • Low lube oil consumption
  • Longer interval between overhauls
  • Longer life of parts
  • Economic pricing of spares

Atlantic Electric is the foremost company to manufacture DG sets for Indian Army and Indian Airforce.

The 'BLISS' DG set brings you the rich experience of Atlantic Electric in offering you the "Rupee Saving" Generator set.

You can now make the choice of being the 'Rupee Saving' BLISS DG Set directly From Atlantic Electric.

A well-informed user knows that lower running cost is equally important as the initial cost of Diesel Generator Set.

The running cost is influenced by diesel consumption, oil consumption, spare parts consumed and prices of spares.

With over 60 years in design, manufacturing & supply of products in Generation, Distribution and Utilisation of Power, AEC knows how to package this important benefit to customer.